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Christian Dior was born in 1905 in Normandy but his success made its way to the fashion city of Paris. In 1947, the designer launched his first collection and these were just more than desirable. REBELLE provides the most popular Christian Dior items.

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The fabulous jewellery

The luxury fashion house’s jewellery always boasts a feminine and elegant look. The beautiful Christian Dior earrings beautifully make your face glow at any occasion. Each item is unique and consists of the most striking colours and designs. Typically, the bracelet, the necklace with the letters CD or only the D, is attached to the piece of jewellery. Wear a loose bracelet or combine several bracelets together for a more playful effect. There are also plenty of models that are not equipped with a Dior logo. Another beautiful dress ornament are the Christian Dior brooches like a tough blower which still give a feminine touch. On the REBELLE website, several brooches look striking with stones and quieter classical models are also available.

How it all started

Christian Dior was born in Normandy on January 21, 1905. He soon moved to Paris with his parents where he began to study Political Science and sketched clothes in his spare time while he was also interested in his passion for architecture. His sketches were quickly successful and he sold them on the streets and to fashion houses. He was also asked to make the fashion supplement for Le Figaro. Christian’s talents offered him the opportunity to go to work with Robert Piguet as a designer. After this first great responsibility, Christian worked as a young designer for a few other fashion houses as well until Christian came across the famed textile boss Marcel Boussac. Boussac believed deeply in Christian’s abilities and financed his own fashion house for Christian. In 1947, Christian’s first designer collection was available in the market. A signature of the collection was the femininity that shone bright. At that time, women usually wore baggy and humble clothing. The items Dior showcased consisted of tight waists and flared skirts. Shortly after, the range was extended to include accessories, shoes, jewellery and bags.

The designer

Christian Dior is one of the most famous names in fashion and is known to bring many new styles for women. His parents had initially hoped that he would become a French diplomat. Christian always linked architecture with his designs and said, "A dress is a piece of architecture, designed to improve the proportions of the female body." Dior was also a very superstitious man, and it only became worse as he grew older. He always associated an article of clothing in each collection to his hometown of Grand Rapids, and in every show, at least one model wore a bunch of white lilies.