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The pioneers of pret-a-porter continue to prove their worthiness as the defining Parisian brand with elegant collections of boots, wedges, flats and heels. A pair of Chloé shoes is crafted from the softest, smoothest cuts of leather and embellished with refined accents to create a uniquely chic vibe.

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The Queen Supreme of Chloé

Clare Waight-Keller is a British fashion designer, who is the most recent creative director of fashion label Chloé. She displayed a talent with textiles from a very young age, learning to knit when she was just five years old. She obtained a BA in Fashion from Ravensbourne College of Art and went on to earn an MA in Fashion Knitwear from the Royal College of Art. Waight-Keller emigrated to New York and worked for a slew of high-profile labels, including Calvin Klein, Gucci and Pringle of Scotland before landing her latest role as creative director for Chloé. In 2017, she announced that her departure from the label would be occurring in March.

The Ultimate in Parisian Pret-A-Porter

Founded in 1952 by Gabrielle Aghion, Chloé’s purpose was to serve up relaxed, fresh style that was completely against the rigid style of the decade. Chloé was the pioneer of the pret-a-porter concept, also known as ready-to-wear. The style quickly surpassed haute couture in terms of popularity, noted for its convenience and cost-effectiveness. The brand enjoyed fifty years of revolutionising high-fashion with their off-the-rack creations, and in the 2000s has continued continued to reign supreme. In 2002 they released their first ever footwear collection containing an elegant selection of Chloé sandals, heels and other styles. Today, they continue to enjoy their position as one of France’s best-loved brands.

70s-Chic Shoes

Clare Waight-Keller brought a uniquely retro, 1970s vibe to Chloé during her time as creative director. Footwear was no exception from this, and Chloé pumps and flats all took on a distinctly vintage style with a modern twist. Using soft, supple leather and polished embellishments the brand take laid-back luxe to a new level. Chloé shoes are long favoured by the world’s most high-profile people - celebrities including Halle Berry, Kate Bosworth and Marion Cotillard have been seen wearing coveted pairs of Chloé boots.

Chloé Shoes Today

Today, Chloé remain queen in terms of Parisian elegance, serving up collections of refined footwear and other items each season. A pair of Chloé wedges is a must-have for any lady who loves her shoes. Authentic Chloé flats and ballerinas, boots, wedges and other items are available second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.