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Chloé has been a respected French fashion house since the beginning of the 1950s. The brand brought about the rise of pret-a-porter and a softer, more forgiving sense of style that quickly outstripped haute couture. Today, Chloé dresses are still a fine example of French femininity.

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About The Founder of Chloé

Born in Egypt in 1921, Gabrielle “Gaby” Aghion was a fashion designer famous for founding the house of Chloé. Aghion married her partner Raymond when she was 19 and the pair moved to Paris, France where Gaby would found Chloé in 1952. She met Jacques Lenoir in 1953 and he became her partner, taking care of the business side of the company. She set up her fashion house as a resistance to the formality of the 50s. Aghion was not a fan of the rigid, stiff style that had come into fashion that decade. She had a vision of a softer look becoming popular. Considered the queen of ready-to-wear clothing, she was the first designer to design in the pret-a-porter style. At a time when couture reigned, Aghion was going completely against the mold. Thanks to her daring, ready-to-wear has completely outstripped couture in terms of popularity today. Aghion passed away in 2014 in Paris. Her legacy lives on through the house she founded.

Soft, Chic Style Since 1952

Chloé dresses are the embodiment of the soft, subtle spirit that Gabrielle Aghion had in mind when she founded Chloé in 1952. Chloé has been defining preened, pretty Parisian style for decades through their collections, leading French fashion with a quiet determination. The brand’s signature vintage boho style is easy to see in their dresses and Chloé tops; soft, floaty fabrics and feminine tailoring simply scream effortless. The designers tend to stay within a neutral palette of colours, picking soft pinks and beiges over harsh, bold colours to accentuate femininity. The use of understated prints and touches of intricate embellishment adds to the light, airy feel of their aesthetic. For ladies with a love for laid-back fashion, a Chloé skirt is right up your street. Wearing an outfit from this brand is a true confidence-booster; relaxed enough to move around freely, and stylish enough to look good doing it!

Chloé Dresses Today

As fashion continues to shift and change with the decades, Chloé remains maintaining an ever-present standard for French style to adhere to. The brand releases fresh, flirty, boho-chic collections each season to the delight of their fans, staying true to the laid-back image they’re famous for. Celebrities have been following Chloé for years; women including Mary-Kate Olsen, Kate Bosworth and Kirsten Dunst are amongst the brand’s most famous fans.