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Chloé Clothes Second Hand

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Soft, sophisticated and sweet, Chloé clothing has been gracing the limbs of Parisian princesses since 1952. The fashion house is famed for its unique and self-directed style and never gets swept up in trendy tides, preferring to deliver quality fashion and a different aesthetic.

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Gabrielle Agion: In

French fashion designer Gabrielle Aghion is best-known for founding her fashion house Chloé. Aghion started her brand with a vision; she intended to change the current of 50s fashion against the rigid, uncompromising and sometimes cruel style that was popular at the time. The designer is considered the inventor of the term “pret-a-porter” or “ready-to-wear”, and was the first person to design luxury fashion available straight off the shelves of her stores. Ever the pioneer, she was also the first one to sit up and take notice of Karl Lagerfeld’s budding genius, and invited him on-board as a Chloé designer in the 1960s. Gabrielle continued to run Chloé until 1985. She passed away in 2014 aged 93 after a long and appreciated career.

The Pioneers of Pret-A-Porter

Chloé was launched in 1952 as a countermeasure to the boring, formal style of the decade. The brand is noted for being the first ones to create ready-to-wear clothing, a new concept at the time which today has completely outstripped traditional haute couture. The brand enjoyed fifty years of revolutionising high-fashion with their off-the-rack creations, and in the 2000s has continued continued to reign supreme. Chloé clothing is continually considered a statement of Parisian style and feminine fashion. Today, Chloé collections are taking more of a diverted route, with the designers drawing inspiration from unusual places such as a motorcycle trip across the US. This fresh, innovative style is what makes a Chloé top or jacket worth purchasing in the 21st century.

Bohemian Sophistication

From the beginning, Chloé has been dedicated to going against the grain. Founder Gabrielle Aghion started the label because she was bored of the clothing options being given to her during the decade. Her loose, relaxed ethos is the foundation of every Chloé collection since the 1950s. Chloé clothes are a welcome addition to the closets of women who like to break the mold. Boho-chic and elegant femininity are melded together with conceptual style to create the stunning, sophisticated Chloé skirts, jackets and dresses we see hanging on the racks. Pretty much every noteworthy fashionista in the universe will own something with a Chloé tag on it - Kirsten Dunst, Leighton Meester and Jennifer Lawrence are all proud owners of pretty [Chloé dresses](/en/chloe/dresses.

Chloé Clothes Today

With every starlet from here to Hollywood rocking a Chloé creation on the red carpet and in the streets, the prestigious French fashion house is in no fear of going out of business any time soon. Adding this label to your closet is always worth the money. Authentic Chloé trousers, jackets, dresses and other items can be found second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.