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Chanel Sunglasses Second Hand

Chanel sunglasses are the epitome of cool. The brand has always been a purveyor of effortlessly chic items, and their shades are no different. Designed by the master himself Karl Lagerfeld, expect classic style with a twist of edgy, modern design. More about Chanel Sunglasses >

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Coco Chanel, The Inventor of Casual-Chic Couture

Coco Chanel (born Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel) was a French fashion designer famed for founding the prestigious house of Chanel. She is famed for her unshakeable ambition, and was a headstrong, determined woman in a world where women lived to serve. Her devotion to being utterly herself was a massive factor in the success of Chanel. Never following trends, only creating them, she refused to succumb to society’s ideals of contemporary clothing at the time. Chanel is credited with kicking off the relaxed style of clothing which became dominant in a post-WWI society. Her use of jersey fabric as well as her casual-chic approach to aesthetic won her brand an army of elite female fans, and today Chanel remains one of the most revered labels in history.

The Evolution of Chanel

Chanel was already well-established within France and the rest of the world when Karl Lagerfeld joined the house in 1983. However, the brand was falling out of favour with current fashion, reserved instead for women with a very distinct, classic taste. Lagerfeld would be the one to revolutionise Chanel’s image, using his provocative style to test the boundaries of the brand whilst staying true to their unique spirit. In 1999 the first ever line of Chanel sunglasses made their debut as part of a partnership with Luxottica, and ever since then their sunnies have been symbolic of classic, feminine style. Today all accessories’ aesthetic, like the Chanel belts still sits in the ever-capable hands of Lagerfeld who has been keeping them in the spotlight for over thirty years.

Signature Chanel Shades With Style

Adding a touch of class and elegance to any outfit, a pair of Chanel sunglasses is the ultimate in cool, casual chic. The brand has been churning out inspired and eye-catching shades since 1999, and under the designership of Karl Lagerfeld the accessory has flourished. A pair of sunglasses or classical Chanel glasses are a fabulous way to inject a shot of glamour into your closet without emptying your pockets for a new outfit. Chanel’s name bears prestige, style and class. A pair of shades adorned with their famous interlocking C symbol is enough to upgrade any outfit from mediocre to must-have.

Chanel Sunglasses Today

As Chanel continues to dominate the French fashion scene, celebrities are still devoted to the brand’s chic designs. Blake Lively, Cara Delevingne and Claudia Schiffer are all lover’s of Chanel’s eyewear collections, each owning a pair or ten of their coveted shades.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel