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When temperatures start to fall and winter arrives, countless people wear a scarf. Chanel scarves and accessories often have the most beautiful designs and are desired worldwide. Discover these beautiful items and surprise yourself with stylish scarves and glorious accessories.

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Coco Chanel

This famous fashion designer is globally renowned and has made the most beautiful designs with the best quality materials. Gabrielle, also known as Coco, has earned millions with the support of her fashion house. However, her life was not as glorious as her career. She had no contact with her parents and was dropped off at an early age at an orphanage with her sister because her parents could no longer care for her. She was raised by nuns and learned to sew there. This was only a job for her because she wanted to more in the entertainment world instead. Later, she went to work in a cafe with her sister in the evenings and sewed costumes during the day. Coco then met Balsan, a rich man who lived near Paris. The two wanted to be independent and start their own fashion house. The stylish clothes and hats that they sold their very popular and sought after by the elite society in Paris. A while later, after the inauguration, Coco held her first fashion show. It was a massive success and this marked the first steps taken by this world-renowned fashion house.

Various types of cloths / scarves

Today, Chanel has a wide range of not only clothing but also shawls, scarves and belts including the beautiful Chanel belts. Chanel has created enough variations within the collection of shawls and scarves. The pre-winter collection 2016/2017 is made of thick material and is perfect for when it's colder. The black / red scarf of cashmere is real must-have. Every coat is exceedingly stylish. The typical Chanel logo can also be found at the back of the coat. The two Cs are the initials of the successful designer.

How to wear a scarf?

A scarf can be just that little extra that adds something to an outfit. It can be worn with one of the beautiful Chanel sunglasses to immediately look fashionable. However, these don’t have to be worn around the neck but also in several more ways. For example, the scarf can be tied and this method is often used by famous people or bloggers, setting a real trend. The cloth folds in such a way that you can tie it. Then the cloth can be set once around the neck and a small knot or bow at the side can easily be tied. It looks very elegant in combination with a low-cut top or dress. It may also be an alternative to a chain. Fashion addicts can buy the scarf and opt to either to fold or tie around the neck. The tips can hang loose.

REBELLE has it all

REBELLE is nothing but the largest online platform in Europe in the field of pre-loved designer items. For scarves and cloths, fashion addicts can visit the REBELLE website. All that needs to be set up is a simple account after which items are easily within reach.

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