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Used Chanel Necklaces of verified quality

Chanel Necklaces Second Hand

Always designing with ladylikeness in mind, Chanel’s stunning selection of necklaces features pretty pearls, delicate diamonds and slivers of gold. Chanel has been crafting beautiful, elegant jewellery for almost a century and is a favourite of Beyoncé, Nicole Richie and Sarah Jessica Parker. More about Chanel Necklaces >

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Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

Coco Chanel and The Style Revolution

The life of Coco Chanel started off humble, a world away from the glamour she is known for. Her childhood was tumultuous - after much upset she settled in at a convent as an adolescent, where she learned to sew. Born Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, Coco didn’t get her famous nickname until she was a young adult; she became Coco after taking a job singing for soldiers, and the name stuck. She started off in fashion by designing hats. She opened a millinery, and in time it grew to become the house of Chanel. Coco was responsible for turning the tide of twentieth century fashion. When she began designing, the style of the decade was formal; rigid corsets and stiff lines ruled womenswear in the twentieth century. Coco pioneered a more relaxed, effortless form of fashion. She passed away in 1971 but her name lives on through her infinitely successful house.

Pearls of Perfection

One of Coco Chanel’s style staples was her string of pearls, which she paired with just about every outfit on any occasion. She adored her pearl necklace, seeing it as a sign of class and elegance. However she was aware that strings of real pearls, diamonds and other precious stones were expensive. The idea of costume jewellery enamoured her; she saw it as an inexpensive way to enjoy the style. However, the fashion at the time dictated that real precious materials were used to make jewellery. Coco disregarded this and began to design collections of bespoke costume jewellery for the house of Chanel. Her first collection drew inspiration from the stars above, and each collection since has shone as brightly. The house’s approach to Chanel necklaces, earrings and other trinkets is delicate and classic, and each season brings a trove of new treasures to pore over.

Chanel Necklaces Today

Chanel is still a hugely relevant and important house in terms of French fashion. Run today by famed designer Karl Lagerfeld, the house continues to update its image with changing tides while still maintaining the breezy, independent spirit Coco made it famous for. Chanel earrings are a gleaming, twinkling example of the house’s flawlessly chic style and are a necessary addition to your jewellery box. Authentic Chanel rings, necklaces, earrings and other items are available second-hand at

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel