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Chanel has long been a prestigious name in French fashion. The house’s jackets and coats are iconic, being sported by everyone from Jackie Kennedy to Kim Kardashian in the last sixty years. A Chanel coat or jacket is a must-have for any established fashionista.

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The Reinvention of Chanel

German designer Karl Lagerfeld had enough on his plate when he took on the role of creative director of Chanel in 1983. An ex-assistant to Pierre Balmain, Lagerfeld was working with both Fendi and Chloé as well as making plans to launch his own label when he began working for Chanel. Despite all of this, he still takes credit as the man who turned Chanel around. The once-supreme fashion house was experiencing a wane in popularity. Lagerfeld’s introduction to Chanel turned the house on its head. He set to work completely revolutionising the Chanel aesthetic, bringing his own unique, striking sense of style to the table. By the 2000s Chanel was once again a highly sought-after contemporary label. Today he continues to run the brand while working on other projects.

The Classic Chanel Jacket

Chanel coats and jackets have been iconic since the release of the classic Chanel suit in 1954. Designed by Coco Chanel herself, the jacket was produced with the intent of relaxing the traditionally strict 50s style of cinched, waspy waistlines. The piece, a simple jacket consisting of four contrasted pockets and embellished with classic buttons with the Chanel insignia stamped upon them, kicked off a style revolution. Chanel’s relaxed, free-fitting take on 50s style soon became the norm. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was wearing one such jacket, pink with black trim, on the day her husband John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The jacket became a symbol of Chanel’s contribution to fashion and has been reinvented and reinterpreted time and again by designers for the house, the most recent being Karl Lagerfeld.

Poised Perfection

Chanel’s jackets and coats are a symbol of class and poise. Refined, relaxed and radiant, a jacket from the famous French fashion house should always be high on the shopping list. Chanel’s perfect tailoring, using softened, feminine silhouettes and elegant lines, is the secret to all their pieces, from Chanel dresses to Chanel knitwear. The classic Chanel jacket has been reinvented time and again in a slew of hues, materials and embellishments. It remains the perfect example of Chanel’s beautifully laid-back aesthetic. Celebrities have been sporting Chanel jacket and coats for decades. Everyone from Princess Diana to Kim Kardashian has had a Chanel coat grace their stylish shoulders, the perfect testimony to their style and versatility.

Chanel Jackets and Coats Today

Chanel’s stunning jackets and coats are still the pinnacle of modern style, as designer Karl Lagerfeld continues to reinterpret Chanel’s aesthetic with each and every collection released. If you’re looking for a good way to inject some class and prestige into your closet, then you should invest in a Chanel jacket.