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Used Chanel Clutch Bags of verified quality

Chanel Clutch Bags Second Hand

Held up as a shining example of Parisian elegance for decades, the house of Chanel is known and loved for their chic, classic bags. Made from fine, soft leathers and decorated with delicate, ladylike embellishment, their bags are the ultimate in graceful, poised fashion. More about Chanel Clutch Bags >

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Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

The Chic Story of Chanel’s Classic Flap

Chanel’s bags have been iconic since their first debut some decades ago. The elegant nature of their design was an instant winner in post-WWI France. Designer and founder of the house Coco Chanel was inspired to create the first Chanel shoulder bag out of a growing distaste for carrying handbags. She wanted a bag that did not have to remain in the hand. Drawing inspiration from the straps of soldiers bags, she invented a thin chain-strap and added it to a bag. After her comeback in the 1950s she decided to rework her original design. Crafted from quilted leather and using a double-chain shoulder strap, the intention for the bag was to offer modern women an easier alternative to hand-carrying bags. Renaming her design the 2.55 or “The Classic Flap”, Coco released the item in 1955. The ease of the design revolutionised what it meant to carry a bag, giving the trend a new lease of life. Since then the house has gone on to release several other styles of bags; Chanel handbags, clutch bags, shoppers and other luggage items are carried on the arms of the world’s most stylish women, considered an emblem of elegant taste.

The Poised Perfection of Chanel

Using poise, distinction and grace, the house of Chanel designs some of the most stunning bags to hit the shelves each season. They’ve always been known for their dainty, chic look and their bags are no different. Using sophisticated and atypical materials such as quilted leather they create the idea of relaxed luxury; bags that are casual enough to take to lunch yet so formal that they could come to a gala too. Chanel tote bags and other styles remind women of an era gone by, a time when classic fashion reigned and elegance was key. Their bags have cult status, and anyone with a knowledge of designer bags knows just what it means to own a real Chanel.

Chanel Clutch Bags Today

Chanel is still a highly popular contemporary brand. The house has never lost its edge or drive to be different, and thanks to current creative director Karl Lagerfeld they remain firmly in the spotlight of style. Everyone who’s anyone has opted for a stunning Chanel backpack or clutch recently, with Karlie Kloss, Angela Simmons and Katy Perry among them.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel