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Used Céline Shoulder bag of verified quality

Céline Shoulder bag Second Hand

Celine is a globally renowned fashion house that designs the most beautiful bags, including absolutely stunning shoulder bags. The designs are highly sought after by avid fashion addicts and they are all unique. Discover the collections and see what this designer is all about. More about Céline Shoulder bag >

Second Hand Céline Shoulder bag UK

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The world-famous fashion designer

Céline is a French fashion house founded in 1945. The fashion house, which has been established for over 70 years, produces and designs ready-to-wear collections. As such, the clothing is available to everyone in different sizes. In addition to this collection the reputable brand also offers luxury leather items, such as Céline handbags. The founder of this famous brand Céline Vipiana founded the brand with her husband Richard. Prior to the brand’s evolution in the fashion industry, it only produced and sold children’s shoes. Since the sixties, the brand has become a luxury fashion brand for bags, clothes, and accessories. Céline Vipiana has been the designer of the fashion house for over forty years. In 1997, the design was taken over by Michael Kors as the new creative director. This successful designer stretched the already limitless boundaries of potential for Céline. In 2004, Kors stopped designing for the brand and his role was taken over by several new fashion designers.

The most beautiful shoulder bags

Céline makes extraordinarily beautiful and minimalist items, boasting an excellent collection of bags, for example, Céline clutch bags. Made from high quality calf leather, the Medium Cabas Phantom shoulder bag gives off a natural and classic look, making it ideal to carry for several occasions. The long handle makes it easy to hand the bag over the shoulder while the two brushes, which are attached to the top, give the bag just that added stylish look. A variant of this bag is also available in dark blue, black with bright green details, and beige with red details. Moreover, the 'Bucket Biker' shoulder bag is a true classic. As the name implies, the bag has the shape of a bucket and it has a side zipper despite of its refreshingly simple form. The Bucket Biker is available in many colours, including black and white. The liners are also wonderful and range in colours from purple, brown or paler shades.

Mix and match

The classic and exquisite shoulder bags from this esteemed brand are ideal for various trips and are easy to carry. Not only does the fashion house offer customers shoulder bags but also extensive collections of luxurious dresses, knits, skirts and blazers to complement the bag. The combinations are seemingly endless and very appropriate for events like dinners and parties. Besides the bags and clothing, the brand also designs shoes, accessories and jewellery. Céline also offers an impressive variety of silk scarves in its collections, which are designed in beautiful, unique patterns.

Shoulder Bags at REBELLE

On REBELLE, hardcore fashion addicts can find the best pre-loved designer items. All items on the website are checked in Hamburg for authenticity and condition so that customers are guaranteed an original and beautiful item in their hands.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel