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Céline Jewellery Second Hand

Used Céline Jewellery of verified quality

Having been founded and spearheaded by Céline Vipiana, the brand blossomed to success with the help of several top designers. The company offers not only ornate and mouth-watering bags which make women’s’ hearts race but also exquisite clothes, beautiful jewellery and accessories.

The Céline style

The brand boasts a distinct, modern style which fits the everyday life theme perfectly. Accessories and jewellery especially radiate a rich and urban look since the jewels used in accessories are rare and distinct. Céline earrings are offered in different coloured shades of metal but the most sought colour on REBELLE is golden. A clip closure is recommended for use with gold and a white pearl so that not having earholes is not essential. Additionally, Céline bracelets and wristbands fit in beautifully with the earrings and necklaces.

Establishment of Céline

In 1946, Céline and her husband Richard founded the brand. Despite the lack of experience and personal training, the pair did reasonably well. They inaugurated their first shop in Paris, offering children’s collection to avid customers. The red elephant designed by Raymont Peynet was the original logo which made the store easily recognizable by all. Later on, in 1960, Céline shifted its focus from children’s apparel to a new, ready-to-wear collection for men and women. Since then, Céline has sold luxurious bags, loafers, gloves and all kinds of clothing. In 1973, the brand’s logo was redesigned with the refashioned 'C' Sulky canvas, coupled with the Arc de Triomphe which symbolized the Parisians. From that moment onwards, Céline began its evolution in the world with the launching of several boutiques in places like Beverly Hills and Hong Kong. The popular American fashion designer Michael Kors was crowned as the first ready to wear designer and creative director at Céline in 1997. During his position, Kors combined luxury with modern femininity to offer customers a unique design. Almost ten years later, Kors departed the booming fashion house to focus on the launch of his own fashion house. Another reputable designer, Phoebe Philo, was appointed as the new creative director at Céline. Her goal was to make clothing for women while spicing up the designs with her own unique style. Philo continuously thought about busy women whenever she came up with a new design and herself. She wanted to design clothes for women who had very little time to sit around and chit-chat so were always moving. As surprising as it may seem, the fashion brand started by selling only children’s shoes and later evolved its collection to include even jewellery.

Céline at REBELLE

On REBELLE, fashion addicted customers can find a diverse range of exquisite fashion items and accessories. Second hand clothing, bags, shoes, accessories and jewellery can be combined to complement each other and mirror an exclusive look. Everything offered on the website is tested for authenticity, quality and the price of each item is determined by experts. Owing to the fact that the brand is exceedingly popular in the United Kingdom, the value of products will always remain stable.