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Founded in 1958 as a means of providing tourists with an authentic taste of Italian style, almost sixty years on and Casadei has never forgotten its roots. The brand is a firm advocate of verity and legitimacy, and continues to deliver the very best in Italian footwear across the world.

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From Humble Beginnings

Casadei is a luxury Italian fashion label. Founded in 1958 by Quinto and Flora Casadei in a small workshop based in San Mauro Pascoli, Casadei shoes was initially set up to create sandals for tourists visiting the area. The authenticity of the sandals was a huge hit among incoming travellers, and in the space of a decade Casadei sandals had grown from a small workshop to an international brand. The label began shipping their designs out across the US and Germany. By 1977 Casadei had opened their first dedicated boutique in the city of Brussels, and by the eighties they had touched base in the Middle East.

Casadei Into the 21st Century

In the 90s Quinto and Flora’s son Cesare came on-board, leading Casadei footwear in a new direction. In his role as creative director he industrialized the brand, taking it to higher levels in the fashion world while simultaneously never compromising its integrity. In the 2000s Casadei worked hard to join the elite ranks of contemporary footwear, using their rich and deep-rooted history to place them a cut above the rest. Today, there are sixteen freestanding Casadei boutiques worldwide, dedicated showrooms in Milan and New York, and features in elected retailers. The brand have also branched out from sandals, providing a delectable selection of Casadei bags, heels, boots, wedges and other items.

Authentic Italian Style

Casadei’s main source of inspiration and appeal is their “made in Italy” brand of authenticity. The label was founded as a way to deliver premium and legitimate Italian style to travellers, and over fifty years on it hasn’t lost that sense of honesty. Painstakingly crafted from fine, supple leather and adorned with intricate design and embellishment, a pair of Casadei sandals is a must for travel bugs and sun worshippers alike. If you’re not a strappy sandal kinda gal, the brand play host to a range of indulgent Casadei pumps and peeptoes, boots, flats - you name it, they’ve got it. The brand play around with colour and material, developing pairs of shoes in bright, rich hues and textured mediums to create their coveted lines of Italian footwear.

Casadei Today

With plans on expansion into Asia and the Middle East, it seems that there’s no stopping Italy’s most authentic brand. Casadei shoes and bags are a testimony to Italian craftsmanship and history, and their footwear won’t be falling out of trend for a very long time. Authentic Casadei wedges, sandals, bags and other items are available second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.