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Canada Goose are a luxury Canadian outerwear label who specialise in signature parkas and jackets. Their extravagant approach to keeping warm includes cuts of impossibly soft coyote fur and jackets stuffed with velvety goose-down, just waiting to keep the cold weather out.

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The Tastemakers Of Outdoor Clothing

Canada Goose clothing was founded under the name Metro Sportswear Ltd. in 1957 by Polish immigrant Sam Tick. The brand specialized in outerwear, making items like vests, rain-coats and snowsuits to combat Canada’s harsh weather. Throughout the 70s the brand was given the task of manufacturing jackets for Canadian rangers and policemen. By the 90s the brand had been taken over by Tick’s son-in-law David Reiss and renamed Canada Goose - they were expanding into Europe and needed a more distinctive name. Today the brand has stores and points of sale worldwide, selling their signature Canada Goose jackets to a varied and devoted audience. Canada Goose was taken over by Reiss’ son Dani in 2001 and remains in his hands today.

The Lore Of Canada Goose Jackets

The first notable Canada Goose jacket was released in the 1980s. Creator Sam Tick had wanted to design a jacket built to withstand even the harshest cold on earth. Thus, he designed the Expedition Parka, affectionately nicknamed “Big Red”. The parka was issued to those living at the McMurdo Station in Antarctica. This was to be the first of countless iconic jacket from the label. In 1982 the Big Mountain custom-made jacket was worn by the first Canadian to climb Mt. Everest, another iconic moment for the brand. In the 2000s the brand had jackets featured in two of the biggest movies of the decade, The Day After Tomorrow and National Treasure. Canada Goose’s iconic, coveted jackets are the backbone of the brand and will always be a best-seller.

Contemporary, Stylish Outerwear

Canada Goose design tough, durable outerwear with a secret: the insides of their enviable jackets are lined with exquisitely soft fur, giving the brand a contemporary and fashionable element. The brand has also managed to stay on the stylish side of clothing through style collaborations with artists such as musician Drake, whose contemporary music label OVO designs a collection of must-have merch. Canada Goose stuff their signature jackets with downy feathers and line them with highest-quality fur, creating a practical and aesthetically pleasing product. A pair of Canada Goose gloves is also a good way to jazz up your cold-weather clothing, if you’re not sold on the jackets.

Canada Goose Today

Fresh out of releasing the Canada Goose X OVO collaboration collection last year, the brand has big things planned for the future and will continue to serve up the finest in outerwear style. Authentic Canada Goose jackets and coats are available second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.