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Campomaggi bags have been making waves in the world of Italian fashion for almost two decades now. Designed with a boundless imagination and painstaking attention to detail, the brand’s bags are something from a dream. Treat yourself to one of Marco Campomaggi’s unique creations today.

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Marco Campomaggi: Devoted To Design

Italian designer Marco Campomaggi is the mastermind behind Campomaggi bags. The son of a sculptor, Campomaggi was exposed to the beauty of crafting something from nothing as a child. He was adept with his hands, a skill that proved to be worth everything to him. The designer has been enamoured with the beauty of handbags since his youth, and as a teen he would craft bags for fun using saddlery leather - he sold the finished works to his friends. Marco Campomaggi went on to found his own label of bags in 2000, and since then the designer has achieved worldwide recognition for his unique creations. Campomaggi takes his work incredibly seriously; he’s utterly devoted to the craft, steeping himself in the rich, stylish past of leather work and applying it to his collections painstakingly. His philosophy is one of quality and dedication - he “thinks, dreams and designs” bags, constantly working on something new in the back of his mind or obsessing over ways to perfect a current model. With his drive and passion, there’s no way that Campomaggi handbags can fail.

Personality and Perfection

Each and every Campomaggi bag is different; the designer tries to tell a story through every bag he designs, giving each one a unique personality and demeanour to set it apart from its rivals and past creations. A tiny, delicate fish serves as the brand’s logo, emblazoned on each piece as an etching on a metal plate. The fish stands for Pisces, Marco Campomaggi’s star-sign. That small fish is symbolic of so much - of dedication, craftsmanship, quality and individuality. Made from the best leather in Italy, Campomaggi shoulder bags are a thing of true beauty. Colours and design are always eye-catching and rich, creating an air of sophistication and elitism that comes with owning an authentic Italian piece. If you’re a bit of a handbag connoisseur, you need to get your hands on a Campomaggi shopper or backpack - it’s worth it.

Campomaggi Today

The brand is one of many established Italian handbag labels, however Campomaggi’s individuality and unique approach to style sets it apart from its competitors by miles. The label is certainly a worthy investment, and is definitely one to watch - chances are we’ll be seeing a lot more of this label around Hollywood in the coming seasons. Authentic Campomaggi accessories, handbags, purses and other items can be found second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.