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Used Burberry Trousers of verified quality

Burberry Trousers Second Hand

The prestigious British fashion house Burberry kickstarted over a century ago as a small store in the south of England. The brand began by specializing in outerwear but soon beautiful trousers were added to the range. The designs of the fashion house’s trousers are extremely innovative and trendy. More about Burberry Trousers >

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Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

How it all started

The 21-year-old Thomas Burberry established his first store in 1856. He focused mainly on offering exquisite Burberry jackets and coats which were very successful. The real success of the brand began when Thomas developed the fabric gabardine, a substance that was both waterproof and breathable. He claimed patent on the substance and the same substance is used in the brand’s entire range of desirable products. The fashion house was immediately hugely popular. Thomas’s customers came from all over the country to buy garments from the fashion house. During World War I, the British Ministry of Defence asked Thomas to create custom clothing for the officers of England. The brand was also popular among football hooligans in England. In 1924, the recognisable Burberry pattern was added to the clothing. The pattern is now reflected in many of Burberry blazers and trousers offered by the fashion house. Although the pattern of the dress has been retained, different colour variants of it are still available.

Expansion of the collection

The fashion house waited for more than a century to expand its collection. Between 1970 and 1980, the brand began to put more focus on its everyday clothes. The range was expanded to include shirts, sportswear, pants and suits for women. Several collections of the brand were introduced. This has ensured that fashion lovers can wear the brand’s beautiful clothes at any occasion. It has since been possible to dress from head to toe in clothes from the brand. Any combination of different collections was made possible. The eye-catching trousers with the renowned pattern matched well with a simple shirt and the simple Burberry pants also complemented the plaid shirt.

Burberry on REBELLE

REBELLE is in possession of a large assortment of the esteemed fashion house’s quality trousers. It is up to fashion addicts to choose between striking pants with the recognisable pattern of the trade mark or trousers in a single colour. No wrong choice can be made as the fashion house pays great attention to detail, especially for pants. The huge demand for the Burberry collections also ensures that the trousers maintain a stable value. Owing to the fact that the brand is exceedingly popular in the United Kingdom, the value of products will always remain stable. Several other fashion houses have often tried to imitate the brand’s clothing. The experts working for REBELLE ensure that all items on the website are checked in Hamburg for authenticity and condition before these surface to the website. Thus, anyone who buys on REBELLE is assured of an authentic product in great condition.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel