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Burberry is one of the most renowned fashion brands worldwide. The brand embodies the British tradition and quality and exudes youthfulness while maintaining class. The esteemed brand’s accessories are very popular and the most beautiful designs for all its collections can be found on REBELLE.

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Burberry sunglasses collection

The Burberry trench coat is an iconic design that was a breakthrough for the brand in the fashion world. The jacket was designed for officers who fought in the First World War and was so called because the English soldiers had to fight in trenches. As a tribute to the coat, Burberry created a collection of sunglasses inspired by this iconic garment, known as the trench sunglasses. These glasses are stylish and timeless like the coat and will last many years. At the bottom of the glasses, the window that symbolizes the lining of the trench can be seen. The glass can also be worn alongside the Burberry scarves and shawls. The windscreen is simply inseparable from the design of the label, and is unique, sometimes striking while sometimes a little less conspicuous. Burberry bags and purses can also be worn to complement these. These items are easy to combine with any of the other IT items from the brand.

The rich history of the British-based fashion house

Thomas Burberry founded the brand when he was 21 years old. He opened his first store where his collection mainly focused on designing outerwear. In 1879, Thomas patented the innovative fabric, called 'Gabardine’ which is breathable and rainproof. This was a revolutionary fabric for rainwear since rainwear was previously heavy and uncomfortable to wear. In 1891, the brand launched its first store in London. The British Ministry of Defence later asked the designer to create a jacket for officers who were fighting in trenches during the First World War. Thus, the trench coat was born. The special fabric gabardine and a belt was used to secure equipment and ensured that the soldiers were not inconvenienced. After the war, the jacket was also hugely popular among ordinary citizens.

Burberry at REBELLE

Many pre-owned items from Burberry are available on REBELLE, from clothing, bags and shoes to accessories and jewellery. Thanks to this, customers can easily get their hands on a complete outfit with items from this wonderful brand. Owing to the fact that the brand is exceedingly popular in the United Kingdom, the value of products will always remain stable. This makes the purchase of the brand’s quality products a good investment. All items on the website are checked in Hamburg for authenticity and condition. The price is determined by specialists so that customers pay the right amount for the product. In addition to Burberry, there are many other brands from which fashion addicts can choose from to get the most fashionable items for a reasonable price.

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