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Used Burberry Skirts of verified quality

Burberry Skirts Second Hand

Founded in 1856 as an outwear store, Burberry has been responsible for some of fashion’s biggest trends in the 150 years since - including the staple trench coat. The brand’s range of skirts, tops, dresses and trousers offer a taste of British style that is simply to-die-for. More about Burberry Skirts >

Second Hand Burberry Skirts UK

Burberry From The Beginning

Burberry clothing was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, a British apprentice draper. He founded his business as an outerwear store in Basingstoke, England. Known for his innovative use of materials Burberry was one of the first clothing producers to use gabardine, a weather-proof fabric which was tightly woven and used to make outdoor clothing. Over time he introduced a line of Burberry accessories to compliment his clothing. Thomas Burberry was also crafty when it came to marketing. Understanding the importance of celebrity before such a thing was even apparent in society, Burberry ensured that well-known British politicians were seen wearing his gear. Lord Baden-Powell and Lord Kitchener were both known for wearing Burberry jackets and coats as well as other clothing.

The Rise, Fall and Reinvention of Burberry

When Thomas Burberry passed away in 1926 the brand had already unknowingly taken the first steps toward a place on the high-fashion circuit. The trench coats they’d designed for military personnel became popular amongst civilians after WWI, and their now-iconic check pattern had already been designed and implemented. Their popularity soared during the 20th century, and around the 1970s celebrities started to pick up on the style value of Burberry bags and clothing. Stores spread worldwide and entering the new millennium Burberry was at peak popularity. However the label suffered a sudden drop in esteem when it began to be associated with hooligan culture in England. Current CEO and creative director Christopher Bailey joined the label in 2001 and has spent every year since improving upon the world’s perception of Burberry. He has reinstated Burberry as a prestigious, respected label.

The Pinnacle of Perfect British Style

Burberry clothing is known for being refined and graceful; the pinnacle of British upper-class fashion. The label works with a series of luxe materials to create their image, using their signature check pattern to make their items stand out even in the biggest of crowds. A Burberry skirt or top is a statement of finery - a testimony to your elite taste in fashion. The pioneers of class and distinction, Burberry will never fail to deliver on excellence when it comes to their clothing.

Burberry Skirts Today

Following the reinvention of the label by Christopher Bailey, Burberry has bounced back bigger and stronger than ever. Burberry dresses, skirts, jackets and coats are being worn every day of the week by some of the world’s brightest stars, including Suki Waterhouse, Kendall Jenner and Naomi Campbell.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel