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Used Burberry Pumps and Peeptoes of verified quality

Burberry Pumps and Peeptoes Second Hand

The prestigious British brand Burberry was established by founder Thomas Burberry in 1856. The range of luxurious products it offers is continuously expanding and the brand now includes beautiful bags, shoes, clothing, jewellery, accessories, and even an exclusive fragrance line. More about Burberry Pumps and Peeptoes >

Second Hand Burberry Pumps and Peeptoes UK





Charity Shirt

Charity Shirt

Burberry on REBELLE

The fashion website REBELLE hosts a wide range of pre-owned pumps and peep toes from the Burberry brand. Check out different models of Burberry slippers and ballerinas and find the coolest ankle boots. Since the models are all different in style, there are many possible combinations. There are pumps in neutral colours with printed patterns or with a buckle. It is also possible to wear the distinctive feminine pumps under a fancy dress but look equally cool under skinny jeans. There is great demand for Burberry wedges and other footwear of the British brand, and therefore the prices remain constant. All items on the REBELLE website are 100% authentic and of good quality. The products are available at prices that are not available in other fashion stores.

The beginning years

Burberry Group Inc. is a British luxury fashion house, headquartered in London. The major fashion house focuses on the distribution of ready-to-wear garments, fashion accessories, perfumes, sunglasses and cosmetics. In 1856, the company was founded by Thomas Burberry. It originally focused on the development of outdoor clothing but later the fashion house moved into the high fashion market and started the development of its famous patterns on scarves, trench coats, and other fashion accessories. Its first store was opened in 1891 at the Haymarket in London. Burberry was an independent family business and a controlled company until 1955. Famous actors, world leaders, musicians and athletes have worn Burberry products with pride. The distinctive check pattern has also become one of the most copied trademarks in the world. Burberry's most famous item is the trench coat and the fashion house has franchise stores throughout the world. The jackets were first used in the trench battles during the First World War and were worn by British soldiers. Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince of Wales issued the esteemed company a Royal Warrant.

The fashion house

During the years 1970 till 1980, the fashion house signed an agreement with global manufacturers to produce products for the existing UK collection such as suits, pants, shirts, sportswear and accessories. These products, designed under the strict control of the London headquarters, were produced and distributed through independent stores worldwide which in turn contributed to the growth in turnover and profits of the company. At that time, the fashion house signed Lord Litchfield as a photographer. Lord (Leonard) Wolfson was the Chairman and Managing Director at Stanley Peacock OBE. In 1998, Burberry changed its marketing name from Burberrys of London to just Burberry.

“Fashion fades, only style remains.”

Coco Chanel