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Burberry Jewellery Second Hand

Used Burberry Jewellery of verified quality

One of the world’s most prestigious brands, Burberry, was established 150 years ago. The brand has since built an impeccable reputation in producing and selling exquisite outerwear. Burberry’s famed trench coat itself was designed for officers engaged in war but has now become the official, iconic garment for the brand.

Jewellery collection from Burberry

In 2007, the renowned fashion store decided to expand its collection by branching out to offer luxurious accessories such as bags, watches, belts and scarves in addition to jewellery. Not only does the brand’s jewellery mirror an ornate and subtle look but also brilliantly complements any other outfit. Burberry necklaces from the brand’s collection are commonly made up of metal and plexiglass. At REBELLE, we also offer Burberry earrings clips. The massive advantage of wearing clips is that you don’t need pierced ears. Additionally, all of the objects used in the jewellery are usually found in the other accessories offered by Burberry like bags, hats and belts, ensuring an excellent combination of accessories.

The origin of the fashion house

This globally renowned brand has a rich history about its establishment and origin. Thomas Burberry founded the fashion house in 1856 at the age of 21. Although the store only exclusively sold specialized outerwear at first, the place soon began to grow. A unique type of fabric known as gabardine was discovered by Thomas to be water resistant and later patented by him. Around this time, Thomas changed the name of the fashion house from simply Burberry to “Burberrys of London” as this was the name that went viral all over England. In 1901, the official logo of Burberry was created and the trademark was legally registered. A cherishable memory and an impressive achievement was the period of the First World War when the British Ministry of Defense asked the brand to make jackets for the army. Since the war mostly occurred inside trenches, the outfits designed by the brand for the army officers was popularly called the trench coat. Once the war ended, jackets grew more popular with the people. Diamonds were later introduced as an add-on to the trench coat, this specific pattern began to appear on coats. The brand logo depicts a knight mounted on a horse, and this became the face of the brand that is easily recognizable today. Although the fashion house was already renowned for its exquisite clothing, bags and scarves, in 2007, they expanded their existing variety of accessories by launching its desirable jewellery collection.

Burberry jewellery at REBELLE

The second hand jewellery collection of the brand on REBELLE is simply dazzling. Bracelets, necklaces and earrings from the brand complement each other perfectly. The jewellery itself radiates a bold and striking look. All items on the website are checked in Hamburg for authenticity and condition.

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