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Famed for his love of all things luxe, Brunello Cucinelli delivers a soft, rich style wrapped in a sheath of cashmere. The designer has been supplying the world with the finest in contemporary cashmere clothing since the 70s, and today remains a hot commodity in style circles.

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The History of The Brand

Brunello Cucinelli clothing is a luxury Italian fashion label which specialises in lines of clothing and accessories. Founded by namesake Brunello Cucinelli in 1978, the brand initially dealt in lines of luxe cashmere sweaters. The label did well; by the mid-eighties lines of Brunello Cucinelli trousers and skirts were added to the rotation and beloved by the public. This was followed by the first menswear line. Cucinelli worked hard to build his brand’s image, offering up a humanist approach to high fashion which is unusual for a luxury label. In the 2000s the first stores opened their doors, solidifying the Brunello Cucinelli name amongst the fashion elite. Today, the label continues to thrive, still building on a fair ethos and a devotion to quality through lines of Brunello Cucinelli shoes, bags, clothing and accessories.

Kindness And A Keen Sense of Style

Brunello Cucinelli is an Italian fashion designer and philanthropist best known for his eponymous label of luxury clothing. Cucinelli was born in a rural farming village in Italy, with no electricity or running water. His background led him to develop a conscientious and charitable nature; today, 20% of the profits he makes go to the Brunello Cucinelli foundation. Initially he pursued an education in engineering, but dropped out to educate himself by reading philosophical books and other pursuits. He founded his eponymous label of clothing in 1978 and has been designing beautiful items ever since. His dedication to quality fabric, unique design and charitable efforts is the reason for his success.

Casually Chic Cashmere

Brunello Cucinelli’s approach to fashion is soft, chic and light. The designer began with cashmere as his main material, a testimony to his sense of luxe and quality. Working within a palette of soft, pastel shades and neutral tones, Brunello Cucinelli bags, clothes and accessories are the perfect base for a chic outfit as well as looking great on their own. Cucinelli’s designs have found themselves in the closets of countless celebs, with everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Leonardo DiCaprio owning a piece from the versatile designer.

Brunello Cucinelli Today

Continuing on his journey of soft cashmere and classic style, Brunello Cucinelli manages to deliver the ultimate in laid-back luxe each season. Owning some Brunello Cucinelli knitwear is a credit to your closet and will prove its worth over time.