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Not only are boots ideal for drawing attention to your legs, they also protect us from the cold and wet. From high-heeled to flat, plain-coloured to patterned – at REBELLE you will find an exclusive selection of second-hand designer boots.

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Not just practical but also fashionable

There’s no doubt about it – boots are the most practical type of shoes. They are solid and robust, and with their long shaft their main job is to protect us from cold, dirt and – depending on what they’re used for – from injury and wet. Modern-day boots still boast all these properties and yet they have also managed to take over the fashion world to become one of the most important types of shoes.

In addition to court shoes, a range of boots in different styles is a must-have in every woman’s shoe collection. Compared to ankle boots, boots have a long shaft that goes over the ankle bone up to – and in some cases over – the knee. As with all ladies’ shoes, boots are available in many varieties with high or flat heels, pointed or rounded toes, in classic, black leather or slightly more casual in brown suede. In our online shop you’ll find an exclusive selection of second-hand, designer boots from well-known designers such as Prada or MIU MIU.

From classic to sexy

No matter whether it’s raining, snowing or simply cold outside, there’s a wide range of boots to choose from depending on their purpose or style. The riding boot is a classic and very popular model that reaches just under the knee. Depending on style, riding boots have a narrow heel, a close-fitting shaft and a rounded toe. The elegance of this boot means you can wear it with almost any outfit and it looks very stylish as a contrast with skirts and dresses. Traditionally, of course, riding boots are great with jodhpurs, but particularly with skinny jeans the boots draw attention to your legs making them look longer. Who wouldn’t want that effect?

Those who like to be even more stylish can, of course, choose boots with higher heels and other embellishments. No matter whether they’re high or flat, are made from smooth or embellished leather, are plain-coloured or patterned, the sky’s the limit when it comes to boots. They go brilliantly with dresses and skirts or with tight jeans tucked inside them so you can show them off to their full advantage.

Over-knee boots are rather special, but pose no problems for confident women. The elegant cut and the over-the-knee shaft are bound to turn heads meaning the rest of your outfit can be kept simple. They are perfect with leggings and an oversized blouse for a stylistic inconsistency and also go great with miniskirts – if you’ve got it, flaunt it!