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Blauer USA’s motto has always been “Uncompromising Performance” - one look at their prestigious and unmatched history, and it’s clear to see why. The brand have been entrusted with supplying US law enforcement outerwear for decades, and with a recent move into contemporary fashion their future looks brighter than ever.

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The First Choice of America’s Finest

Blauer USA is a luxury fashion line designed in Italy, inspired by items made by Blauer Manufacturing for organisations such as the police and firefighters in the USA. Blauer was founded in 1935 as an outerwear specialist, Blauer USA clothes began designing, producing and supplying technical garments for law enforcement specialists. The brand worked its way up the ladder to become the number one supplier of work-clothing to law enforcement agencies in America, as well as branches of the US Army, the Navy and security stationed at the White House. The brand were noted for their use of high-quality weather-resistant materials, crafting the finest in professional outerwear.

The Move Into High Fashion

Blauer USA was taken over in 2003 by an Italian company and began manufacturing luxury outerwear lines for men and women using the patented and perfected techniques that the brand has been using for decades. For the first time, Blauer USA items were available to regular customers on the European market. The company motto has always been “Uncompromising Performance” and that still rings true today. Using the finest in waterproof, windproof materials, Blauer USA accessories and clothing are long-lasting, stylish and functional to a tee. Blauer USA jackets and coats and other items are available to buy online and in selected retailers.

Uncompromising Performance

Blauer USA is a master of contemporary outerwear. The brand has been in the game for over eighty years, and has spent those decades supplying only the best items to the most recognisable law enforcement agencies in the world - the US police, firefighters, Army and Navy. This high-profile level of customer is a clear indicator that Blauer USA clothing is the best quality outerwear provider available. The brand specialise in lightweight, innovative materials that provide complete protection from the elements. Waterproof, windproof and warm, on a functional level this brand is simply sublime. On an aesthetic note, the brand are just as talented. Their womenswear collection comes in a range of gorgeous hues and feminine tailoring, offering a vast selection of jackets, coats and other items to pick and choose from.

Blauer USA Today

Since 2001 Blauer USA has been making the transition from professional outerwear manufacturer to high-end clothing supplier. Their collections come closer and closer to high-fashion with each new release, and a piece from this brand will not only make you look good but it’ll also stand the test of time. Authentic Blauer USA hats and caps, jackets, coats and other items are available second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.