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Bellerose Second Hand

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Designing laid-back, lush clothing since 1989, Belgian brand Bellerose are built for comfort and for style. The label employs a more relaxed take on high fashion, proving that clothing doesn’t have to compromise on comfort in order to be stylish.

Bellerose From The Beginning

Bellerose is a luxury Belgian brand of clothing and accessories founded in 1989 by Jean-Pierre Delhaye, Patrick Heurck and Charly Beouvy. The founders were textile entrepreneurs, and the first-ever collection released in 1989 consisted of men’s shirts. A year later they had expanded, opening a store in Knokke and releasing an entire line of menswear. The brand was thriving, and in 1998 the first-ever line of Bellerose clothing, accessories and other items for women was released. The label became known for its distinctive style, often taking cues from American military uniforms and casual fashion. Designer Laetitia Van Gindertael has been responsible for the womenswear collections since the beginning, continuing to create chic, casual items for Bellerose today. Since its founding, Bellerose has branched out to kidswear and homeware, providing an all-encompassing aesthetic for their label. They’ve spread as far as Asia and the US, providing lines of Bellerose tops, shoes and bags en masse. Today they continue to stay relevant through an eCommerce site, as well as new stores popping up all across Europe.

Contemporary Comfort

Bellerose clothing is all about comfort. The brand believes that style, elegance and avant-garde aesthetics don’t have to compromise comfort and contentment. They craft their clothing from innovative and unusual materials, constantly trying to update and outdo their last collections. The result is always pleasantly surprising. Detail is a huge focal point, lending itself to creating clothing that is both totally relaxed and yet effortlessly chic. Bellerose doesn’t believe in doing things by the books, and so each piece is a marrying of unique elements. Masculine tailoring meets feminine fashion in every collection, and unusual colour combinations are the norm for them. If you’re a fan of laid-back looks with a dressy edge then Bellerose is your dream come true.

Bellerose Today

Bellerose is one of a handful of up-and-coming brands on the European fashion circuit. The label is an ambassador of Belgian style worldwide, reaching as far as Hong Kong and the US with their wonderfully laid-back image. Bellerose doesn’t cater to a niche audience - they aim to provide looks for every facet of society. Young or old, male or female, busy or chilled out, it doesn’t matter. There’s something in every collection to suit any person in their day-to-day life, and therein lies the magic of Bellerose. The brand is definitely one to keep an eye on in terms of contemporary European fashion. Authentic Bellerose clothes can be found second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.