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Basler is a luxury German fashion brand which designs and produces women’s clothing. Basler is famed for its elegant, feminine fashion and polished silhouettes. The brand was founded by the Basler family in 1936 and is dedicated to providing high-end style for women.

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Basler From The Beginning

The brand Basler was launched in 1936 Germany, shortly before the outbreak of WWII. Fritz and Elizabeth Basler along with their children began Basler clothes as an outerwear label, selling coats and jackets to the general public. When war hit Berlin, the family uprooted to Berlin-Charlottenburg and managed to stay afloat through the financial crisis in post-war Germany. In 1963 they released their first women’s suit, and demand was so high that they’d sold over 3,000 units before they’d even finished manufacturing them. This gave the brand a boost of confidence and they began to expand further into women’s clothing, designing Basler bags, accessories and other items. Their dedication to delivering fashion of the highest quality gave them an edge in the market, and slowly but surely Basler began dominating female fashion in the following decades.

The Basler Philosophy

Basler was founded on the philosophy that no matter how dressed up a woman is, she should feel utterly at ease in her clothing. Fritz Basler was a shrewd man and understood that clothing should speak to some unknown inner need in a woman. The brand designs and manufactures clothing that plays up to a woman’s personality, ensuring that the girl makes the clothes and not the other way around. Their clever use of transient silhouettes and lavish cuts ensures that every piece plays up to the individual; the clothing is an extension of their personality as opposed to simply being decoration.

Eternal Elegance and Sophisticated Style

Basler is famous for its elegant fashion and structured, modern outfits. The clothing is designed with the modern woman in mind, and works to accentuate her individuality. Basler is a fan of interchangeable pieces, meaning collections will have multiple items that you can mix-and-match to create stunning, unique outfits every time. Their lifelong dedication to femininity and class is what’s made them a staple brand - grace and sophistication is becoming increasingly hard to find in a world obsessed with standing out. Celebrities have added Basler dresses to their ever-expanding wardrobes, with Avril Lavigne, Amy Poehler and Carrie Underwood favouring their wonderful designs.

Basler Today

Today Basler is thriving still, with 160 freestanding stores across the world in places such as Australia and across Europe. They have over 1500 points of sale in various other high-end retailers also. Authentic Basler accessories, clothes, bags and shoes can be found second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.