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The backpack has stepped out from the shadows of its bag cousins and has taken designer fashion catwalks by storm. This cool, casual bag isn’t just an eye-catcher from behind, it’s also very practical. Find your second-hand, designer backpack in the REBELLE shop.

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Pack up your troubles

Backpacks have always been seen as a practical accessory for school children, students or hikers, but this image has long been set aside. Fashionistas and trendsetters are not the only ones to have realised that a women’s rucksack is a great way to combine function and style. Numerous designers such as Louis Vuitton or Chanel feature rucksacks in their bag collections as they also know how useful they are.

Women’s backpacks have proven to be very useful if you’re out for a longer period of time and need your hands free. Unlike a conventional handbag that can only be carried on one side, rucksack straps ensure that the weight is evenly distributed over the shoulders meaning that long walks are no problem. And due to the amount of space they provide, you can fit in everything you need and more; for example a bottle of water, your Ray Ban sunglasses or even a change of clothes.

Casual accessories

Rucksacks are particularly comfortable and practical for city trips or for shopping tours as you can fit a lot in them and can keep your hands free for shopping bags. You can also step out with a casual-elegant designer rucksack and use it to put the finishing touches to a casual outfit. A stylish, vintage leather rucksack is just as suitable for the office as it is for reading the newspaper on the train.

For a fashionable look, wear your rucksack casually over one shoulder and imitate the street-style where the bag has its roots. There are also rucksacks that look like handbags and can also be carried in your hand, thus skilfully combining classic style and a cool air of casualness.