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Antik Batik is a French ready-to-wear fashion label founded in 1992 by Gabriella Cortese and Christophe Sauvat. The Parisian brand is famed for its boho-chic style of clothing, drawing inspiration from various ethnic and cultural muses. Antik Batik specializes in accessories, clothes and bags for women.

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The World’s Best-Travelled Designer

Gabriella Cortese is an Italian-born fashion designer, famous for her co-leadership of Antik Batik. Born in Turin, the designer was taught the skills and secrets of dressmaking by her Hungarian grandmother throughout her childhood. She fell in love with Paris and its style at the age of eighteen on a school trip, but would travel the globe before settling there years later. Throughout her travels she learned many different crafting techniques, including Batik in Indonesia and embroidery in India. She has applied these skills throughout her career, crafting beautiful, intricate items from brightly coloured fabrics and materials. She has been designing a children’s line since 2001 and has collaborated with other brands for homeware lines, all under the Antik Batik umbrella.

The History of Antik Batik

Antik Batik accessories was launched in 1992 by Gabriella Cortese and Christophe Sauvat, designing items like scarves, belts and bags. Cortese applied her extensive life experience to her role as designer, employing techniques from a wide range of ethnicities and cultures. Antik Batik was named for the Batik technique of crafting clothing, learned on a trip to Indonesia by Cortese. Over the years the brand has built a name for itself, with over one thousand points of sale worldwide.In 2005, the brand launched its lines of shoes and bags, to rapturous success. Antik Batik also provides lines of children’s clothing, lingerie and homeware.

The Leaders Of Boho-Chic

Antik Batik designs are a thing of beauty; each piece is different to the last, with Cortese using her knowledge of other cultures to create unique items time after time. Inventive materials such as alpaca wool and banana fibre are used to make Antik Batik clothes, something virtually unheard of in Western high-fashion. Bright, bold patterns and hues, intricate embroidery and other details make their designs stand out on the rack. The brand is also synonymous with therm “boho-chic”, being one of the first brands to invest in the trend. Antik Batik bags and other highly-coveted items have found homes in high-end wardrobes across the world. Celebrity fans of the brand include Taylor Swift, Nicole Richie and Claudia Schiffer.

Antik Batik Today

Today, Antik Batik is still serving up brazen and beautiful style. Any Antik Batik piece is a sure-fire eye-catcher, and every boho-chic queen who’s worth her weight will own a beaded bag or two. Authentic Antik Batik clothes, accessories and bags are available second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.