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Founded as a retailer for upscale designers, Anthropologie stores are an amalgamation of fantastic fashion and interesting interior design. The brand prides themselves on the unique and enamouring style of their stores, and the clothing they stock is just as mesmerising.

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The History of Anthropologie

Anthropologie was founded in 1992 under the URBN umbrella label, owned by Richard Hayne. The brand was founded with the intent of acting as a retailer for numerous high-end brands. The first Anthropologie clothes store opened its doors in Wayne, Pennsylvania late in 1992. By 1998, they had set up a mail-order service, including a catalog and a website. Throughout the 2000s Anthropologie continued to grow, opening their flagship international store in Toronto in 2009 before expanding across the rest of Canada’s major cities. As of 2015 there were 216 Anthropologie outlets dotted across the globe, with more in the works.

The Secrets of Anthropologie’s Success

The brand’s utterly unique and mesmerising stores have been their main selling point, with gorgeous interior decorating in experimental styles. Initially geared towards an older generation of professionals with refined taste, Anthropologie has found a dedicated audience amongst a variety of people. Anthropologie also prides themselves on the calibre of their collections - the brand boasts an impressive selection of high-end designers to pick from, offering top-notch style for those that don’t mind spending the cash. Anthropologie has found success in collaborations with designers such as Tracey Reese, Bryon Lars and Collette Dinnigan, giving them a contemporary edge.

The Anthropologie Experience

Anthropologie has built itself on a foundation of individualism. Their stores are some of the most charming and curious places on earth, decorated with ornate curios and contemporary interior design. They’ve recently been working on incorporating dining into their outlets, something virtually unheard of in fashion. An Anthropologie dress is sure to be unique and eye-catching, the perfect investment for a woman with confidence and a flair for exciting fashion.

Anthropologie Today

Today with over 200 points of sale across Europe, the US, the UK and Canada, Anthropologie is becoming bigger and better than ever. Investing in some bits and pieces from this brand is an excellent idea - the style is high-quality and timeless. Authentic Anthropologie clothes and other items can be found second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.