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Founded in 2008, Scandinavian clothing brand 5Preview has made a splash in the European fashion market with its rebellious style and ironic wit. The brand employs a modern minimalism, sticking to monochrome tones and bold lettering when designing some of their most-wanted items.

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Ambition, Talent and Humour

5Preview was founded in 2008 by Swedish fashion designer Emelie Martinsen. Martinsen was an illustrator at the time and living in an apartment in Rome. One evening, she took it upon herself to design a mini-line of graphic t-shirts. Upon moving home to her native Stockholm she met with the current production manager of 5Preview, Gennaro Sorvillo. Together they manufactured a collection of five tshirts. She released the collection and people were taken with her witty, ironic illustrations. The high level of hype that the line created was enough to push Martinsen into launching 5Preview clothes. Today, she designs collections of menswear and womenswear for her label, incorporating her dark sense of humor and sassy attitude into each piece.

The History of 5Preview

5Preview was founded in 2008 by Emelie Martinsen, after a particularly successful capsule collection spontaneously designed by her. The brand’s unique sense of style blew up overnight, with noted individuals worldwide seen wearing a 5Preview t-shirt. Initially beginning in Rome, 5Preview’s headquarters were based in New York for a time before finally settling in Stockholm. The brand soon expanded to over 200 individual pieces across menswear, womenswear and childrenswear. 5Preview is sold in over 30 countries worldwide including Italy, Japan and Denmark.

Monochrome Minimalism Meets Vicious Wit

Emelie Martinsen combines a Scandinavian punk-rock edge and a sense of Italian-inspired minimalism to create 5Preview. She leaves a big part of her personality in her designs, and has done since her very first line of tshirts. Her witty, tongue-in-cheek approach to her work is its main selling point – 5Preview dresses are charming with a dark humour, appealing to an audience who like to indulge in experimental fashion. The designer works minimalism to her favour, playing with bold, large type fronts and a monochrome palette when designing.

5Preview Today

A relatively young brand still, 5Preview is slowly but surely taking on the globe and making its way to the forefront of fresh fashion. A 5Preview piece is the perfect way to start introducing a higher distinction of style into your closet. Authentic 5Preview clothing is available second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.